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Fun and EASY At Home Date Ideas That Aren't Overdone

Date Night Ideas That Don't Suck by Smoochies4wine Okay y'all...this is not just another boring article about trying to watch a movie on the couch with your partner and calling it a 'date night.' Cuz, we can all do that, right?! It gets boring, quick, although Netflix has certainly given us a MUCH better selection than we used to have.

But seriously, this is a list of AWESOME, relatively EASY at home date ideas that you can pull together with a minimal amount of work. Because I have five kids (yes, five) and I know that sometimes going out isn't an option, but the same lame ideas get old, fast.

So...I hope you can find some use of this list, and enjoy some of these date ideas! ;)


1. Wine Tasting with a silly twist. 

You didn't think I would write a post about date nights and not include wine, right? LOL! But seriously, this is a fun way to get fancy, throw some cheeses and grapes on a platter and enjoy two or three different types of wine. You can even put some into a few different wine glasses and cork the bottles for later. ;) 

Netflix & Chill Wine GlassesMake this idea extra fun by picking some of your FAVORITE wines and tasting them while blindfolded. Guess which wine it is? To make it even more interesting, pair each wine you taste with a favorite character or celebrity that you think matches the wine's personality. (Oh, this wine is heavy, with maybe a hint of nuts and some sort of's like the Dumbledore of wines...) Get silly with it! 

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2. Have a Spa night.

Couples Massage Activity

Okay, hear me out on this one. Your guy might not like to do the girly spa thing, but I bet he would LOVE if you gave his face or shoulders a little massage. 

Basically, this is a GREAT way to have fun with your partner. Take turns putting on face creams, rubbing lotion on your necks and shoulders, and if you're REALLY brave, let your partner give you a makeover- this is a great way to share some laughs. It washes off, anyways, right? Spa night activities build trust and bonding, so don't hold back!

(Sip some wine to really make it a relaxing evening.)

3. Make a painting together.

Yeah, paint nights are overrated. We've all spend $25-50 to sit in a bar or restaurant and do one of those paint-by-instructions creations, and they usually look great, but it's over done, right? Instead, get a canvass and a couple of colors, and have your partner pick a topic. You could do something abstract, make a lake scene, a sunset (this one is always easy) or if you're brave try an animal or people! Painting Couple Activity

The trick to make this fun and unique is to take turns painting. Set a timer and give each other 1-2 mins to take turns adding to the painting. This makes the painting more fun, but what you have at the end will be a total collaboration! It could end up being silly, or maybe the next fireplace masterpiece! 

4. Make dinner together - Try a new recipe.

Cooking Dinner With Happy Wife Happy Life Wine GlassesOkay, so you've probably seen dinner on a few date night lists. But generally, one partner makes dinner for the other partner. What if you did this together?

Try a new recipe, something neither of you have eaten (but make sure the ingredients all sound good to avoid a surprise disaster) and get to chopping, measuring and cooking as a duo! Pour a glass of wine beforehand and put on some fun music, and before you know it you'll be bonding like pro chefs! 

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5. Play a card game on the living room floor. 

Couples Card GameThis is actually a really fun and highly UNDERRATED way to engage with your partner. We all have a deck of cards lying around somewhere, right? Or Uno, Phase10, something along those lines.

Get down on the floor, bring your A game, and HAVE FUN! When is the last time you played a game of cards, anyway? This is an extremely affordable (if not free) way to spend the evening.

INSIDER TIP: Don't get caught up in being fancy, the point is to have FUN and be a little silly. Or a LOT silly. Just go with it! 

Okay, so now you have a collection of ideas to spice up the next home date night...right?!? You can even mix and match these ideas to make a whole night of fun! 

What cool ideas do you have? Feel free to message us with your great date night activities! And don't miss out on our fun and trendy (dishwasher safe) wine glasses! ;)


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