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5 Babies + 1 Struggling Business = Genius Idea 4 Future

Okay, so we must have piqued your curiosity about who we are and what we're doing... that's good, right? (quietly checks self over for any crazy that may be showing) 

I guess since I have your attention, let me tell you ALL about the inspiration behind our Smoochies brand of wine glasses. (You knew it was more than a desperate need for grown-up time, didn't you?)

A few short years ago, in 2008, Larry (my handsome uniform-clad husband shown here) joined the US Navy and I came to the awesome conclusion that we could ALMOST make ends meet with just his income. So I tried to do the whole stay at home mom thing. When deployment time came (on top of the insanely long hours he would work when home), I would get pretty drastically bored when our three girls were all at school or after bed time, so I started a crafting business.

By 2013, everything was going pretty GREAT, and Larry's military contract was coming up for renewal. My business had grown so much that he would come home from a 12 hour day and STILL end up helping me fill orders! Yay!! So we made the careful decision for Larry to switch from active Navy to Reserves (aka weekend warrior). We also decided to try for Baby #4.

But... (a big but...) there are all sorts of different stages of life. So, when baby girl #4 (which is a crazy and inspirational story for another day) was 9 months old, we wound up pregnant with baby #5 - a boy!! (Super big YAY!) Baby #5 brought with his adorable little self a heart attack for mommy (me), which ground our business, our home life and pretty much EVERYTHING else to a rapid halt. I couldn't cook, clean, work, or even lift the baby after he came home from the NICU.

Thank God I had an awesome husband and 3 amazing big kids to help out so much during this time! (Plus pretty incredible friends who came together to bring meals, etc). As you can imagine, our business started to crumble under the pressure.

But... (a good but this time...) after many appointments with my cardiologist (and testing and hospital trips, etc), I slowly started getting my strength back and things started to get back to normal for our family. Plus this level of cuteness was worth a bit of chaos. 

And... I took my cardiologist's advice seriously: Drink a glass of RED wine, every day, for heart health. 

This advice is what ultimately inspired Smoochies. We had made some wine glasses as gifts and for small orders before, but we thought, "Wouldn't it be AMAZING if we had different fun and clever wine glasses to choose from?" 

So I started designing, and Larry started working on the business aspects of it all, and before we knew it, HERE we were! Bringing our wine glasses to life, for everyone to enjoy. 

Sometimes, bad things create amazing opportunities. We not only get to enjoy FIVE amazing kiddos, but we also got to start a cool new brand out of the rubbles of our previous life. 

I hope you enjoy our products, and I hope you come back often to see what we come up with next. After all, every purchase helps our crazy family pay the bills, so it's definitely a WIN-WIN. 

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