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Stranger things Upside down rightside up typed stemless SMOOCHIES couples wine glasses filled with red and white wine | SMOOCHIES

Upside Down & Rightside Up Fandom Stemless Couples WineGlass Set of 2 [Things Are About To Get Strange!]

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CAUTION: People have gone UPSIDE DOWN while using these glasses!

Be careful drinking out of these strange wine glasses- as you might end up upside-down with your first sip in these things. (Don't worry, your partner should be right side up to help you.) Binge-watching your fave sci-fi show is about to get awesomer. These are sure to make all your fellow fandom friends jealous!

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  • Dishwasher Safe - You can toss these glasses right into the top rack! Easy peasy cleaning!

  • Permanent Etch - The designs are PERMANENTLY etched into the glass. No need to worry about the design rubbing off over time or in the dishwasher.

  • Holds Half Bottle - These stemless wine glasses are 14 oz in capacity and can split a full bottle of wine inside with room to spare  & still feel sleek in your hand. (No mid-🎥refills!)

  • Fun Designs - You can wow your guests at dinner parties or just feel cool with our NEW and trendy designs. (Plus, you will always know which glass is yours!)

  • Made in the USA - These beauties were made and packaged in (and shipped from) the USA. Your purchase supports small business and their families.

Get The 4-1-1

The stemless design with a slightly thicker base helps reduce those unpleasant spills.  Just set the glass on the coffee table while binge-watching your favorite show on Netflix.  And if the children escape from bed and gently bump the table as they dive into your lap, the stemless design helps your wine hold steady. (And no worries if you and your partner accidentally bump the table during those cuddly moments! 😘💏)

Don’t forget the kids, they love having awesome homemade smoothies inside of their fun SMOOCHIES glasses!

Don’t forget to share your favorite SMOOCHIES adventure with us by using the hashtag #SMOOCHIES4WINE.  We are on all your favorite platforms!!  


These hand blown stemless wine glasses are so easy to clean.  Since the design is permanently etched into the glass, they can go in the dishwasher without the design ever fading away. No need to worry about the design washing off like other brands might do!

Buying more than one set allows your SMOOCHIES glasses to have a cleaning party inside the dishwasher. (You don’t want your glasses to get lonely!)

SMOOCHIES glasses are made in the USA! Produced and shipped straight from the United States of America, your purchase supports small business and families just like yours. (Thank you!) 

Beyond Wine

Not a wine drinker? Don’t worry! These glasses are not just for wine! They can be used for many things other than wine or alcohol or cocktails- from milkshakes and iced coffees to fancy desserts!  

Check out our blog    or Pinterest boards for some creative ideas on using SMOOCHIES  glasses like a rockstar!

Don’t forget to share your SMOOCHIES adventure with us by using the hashtag #SMOOCHIES4WINE.  We are on all your favorite platforms!!  

We are looking forward to seeing those bottoms up!! (Just to be clear, we mean your SMOOCHIES glass bottoms, not your bottom, silly...)

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